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My 2023 Year Recap

2023 was a year full of adventure both personally and professionally. There were tons of solo hikes, solo travels, solo backpacking and solo camping trips...but also intense challenges and hard fought accomplishments. I've had to advocate for myself medically, personally, and professionally and I'm grateful for having the skills to be able to do that.

Looking Back: Personal Adventure!

I knocked several things off my personal bucket list and tried lots of new things (which is what I live for!) including:

☀️Solo Trip to Costa Rica

Nicole Canyoning & Rapelling

☀️Visiting Yellowstone National Park

Nicole at Yellowstone Sign

Grand Prismatic Overlook


Coachella 2023

☀️Doing a full Via Ferrata Course

Via Ferrata Course in Wyoming

☀️Hydro Biking

Hydro Biking

☀️Hammock class

☀️Played a live-action video game

☀️Swam in a cenote in Tulum

Dos Ojos Cenote

Girls Fight Back: Looking Back on 2023

Professionally, I'm so proud of all I accomplished with my company Girls Fight Back this year! I am taking a moment to express my gratitude. I'm grateful for all I have acheived and the relationships I've built...not only this year, but in the 3 short years since I purchased Girls Fight Back (GFB).

In 2020 I made one of the hardest and best decisions in my life. I purchased a company (GFB) during the height of a worldwide pandemic. I knew it would be challenging, but I had to try.

Since 2020, I have increased Girls Fight Back company sales by 147%. And in 2023, I made my final payment on my purchase and now GFB is PAID OFF! This is a monumental personal and business achievement and I celebrated with an axe throwing party. Nothing says badass like throwing axes at targets!

In 2023, I completed almost 60 speaking engagements, and trained over 4000 people across 16 industries including college, high school, corporate and military. I trained cadets, leadership, and the football team of the US Air Force Academy, and trained SHARP advocates at Fort Johnson. I was a guest speaker at 4 conferences and I started offering public classes for the first time in GFB history, which I'll continue into 2024.

Thank you to everyone who believed in me, encouraged me, supported me, offered advice, helped me, and was a sounding board for ideas and frustrations over these last 3 years.

Thank you to all my clients who contracted me to come and train your communities and for inviting me back multiple times. The trust you have placed in me to offer unique, empowering, badass, and life-saving education to your teams, employees, students, personnel, and advocates of all genders means the world to me.

Until we live in a world without violence, I will continue to teach as many people as possible with the personal safety and boundary setting skills to live without limits. We don't have to restrict our lives or our activities in order to be safe. We can and WILL change the culture from the inside and create a world free from violence!

I'm excited for everything the New Year holds both professionally and personally and I can't wait to share my adventures, experiences, and journeys with you!

May your 2024 bring you abundance, light, health, and joy beyond anything you've already envisioned!


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