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Are you ready to travel solo with confidence instead of worrying about your safety?

Have you ever wondered what in the world you would do or where you would go if you felt safe?
Are you tired of living in fear or feeling like you have to limit your life in order to avoid danger?
Have you been (falsely) told that there’s nothing you can do to defend yourself if you’re alone?

If you’re ready crush these myths, feel confident in your ability to protect yourself no matter where you travel, and be empowered with simple skills that can help you open up your world,
then this Masterclass
video is for you!
Get ready to learn some self-defense basics to help you confidently enjoy your travels!

Masterclass Video Available Now!

I've Got This: Self-Defense Skills
for Traveling Solo

Equip Yourself for Your Next Trip
with skills from award winning self-defense expert, Nicole Snell!

You Are Your Own Best Protector!

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Photo by Evita Robinson

 40 Minute Video

Any Gender

Any Age

Lifetime Access


What if you felt confident in your ability to defend yourself and manage your safety in a variety of situations while traveling? What if you felt prepared to set a boundary, identify a potential problem, or handle a worst-case scenario?


As the world opens up and we begin to fulfill our bucket list travel dreams, this stand-alone video hosted by Nicole Snell will introduce you to simple self-defense concepts to help you travel confidently!


In fact, this video should be on the top of your travel to do list!


Nicole is a dynamic international speaker, self-defense expert, sexual assault prevention educator and passionate solo traveler and hiker.  She has traveled the world speaking to hundreds of groups at colleges, universities, K-12 schools, corporations, the US military and private groups. She is the CEO of Girls Fight Back, a Lead Instructor for IMPACT Personal Safety, and creator of the online series Outdoor Defense. With over 12 years of self-defense training, Nicole has dedicated her life to teaching women and people of all genders how to be their own best protector.


Her super power is empowering others!

Nicole won a Webby Award in 2020 for hosting the Tastemade Travel video “Self Defense for Female Travelers” where she represented IMPACT Personal Safety. She has traveled to 25 countries (most of them solo) and has hiked in 15 of them including South Korea, New Zealand, Peru and Japan.


Nicole’s wealth of experience and passion for helping others feel safe is why she created this video “I’ve Got This: Self-Defense Skills for Traveling Solo!"


Self-defense is about so much more than physical skills and in fact, the non-physical aspects of self-defense are what we use EVERY DAY to keep ourselves safe. 


Think about this:


When was the last time you heel palmed someone in the face?


When was the last time you used your voice to set a boundary?

That's what we thought!


Learn the basics:

This video is designed to teach the basics: simple and practical non-physical self-defense skills to empower you for your next solo trip! You can take these skills with you anywhere and everywhere. (As seen at the EmPOWERful Festival)


Nicole will help you feel confident in your abilities no matter where your journey leads you! 


What are you waiting for?

Equip yourself with the tools you can take anywhere...your mind and your body!

Equip Yourself

Your body and your mind are the tools that can travel with you anywhere! Learn how to sharpen your mind and feel confident in your body’s ability to recognize danger, get you to safety and protect you.

Simple & Practical

You don’t have to be a black belt or spend years training in order to learn the basics of how to defend yourself for your next trip! You have enough on your travel to do list, so these skills are meant to be extremely simple and empowering. Nothing complicated here!

Be Empowered

Realizing that you are capable and have options for defending yourself can relieve anxiety, reduce stress, increase self-esteem and elevate confidence. Self-Defense is a life skill that can help you live freely and open up opportunities to explore the world!



"This was the best, most affirming, and positive program I’ve seen. Your approach is very empowering!"

What will I learn?

I’m so glad you asked because this video is all about empowering YOU to feel confident living your life and traveling on your own terms. Solo travel is a wonderful experience and this video is a first step in helping you feel prepared!


The basic skills covered in this 40-minute video are:

Understanding and trusting your intuition

Harnessing your awareness while traveling

Learning simple verbal skills

Learning to set boundaries around the world

Practice creating a physical boundary

Includes a short demo video introducing physical strikes

Plus get a PDF of Solo Travel Safety Tips!

Self-Defense is about being prepared and having options!

The best fight is the one NEVER FOUGHT!


Are you ready to take control of your life
and be your own best protector while you’re traveling?

Click Video Below to Watch!

Lifetime Access!


Who is this video for?

Travelers of all genders who want to:​

Feel confident in your ability to manage your safety while traveling

Learn simple self-defense skills

Alleviate worry that they won’t know what to do if danger strikes

Gain independence

Have options for what to do if confronted with danger

Feel confident speaking up for your needs

Learn simple options for self-defense

Feel less anxiety when traveling

Feel self-sufficient and safer

Rely on themselves instead of gimmicks, gadgets or others to protect you

Understand that You are worth fighting for!

Open up their world!

Look in the mirror and say to themselves, This is what a BADASS looks like!

Machu Picchu.JPG

You Are Worth Fighting For!

Purchase this video now for $19.97 and take the first step
in being the boss of your own safety!

When we are empowered to live our lives confidently and freely, there is no limit to what we can do.

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You are solely responsible for the use of any content and understand that we do not provide any implied or explicit warranties or guarantees of any kind and we assume no liability for the use of the information provided.

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