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"If you're looking to spur positive change, inspire hope, and motivate courage in people's lives then look no further."

Whether you want to address respectful boundary setting, promote clear communication, discuss physical safety, or all the above, I have a variety of PROGRAMS to help you create a safe, healthy and productive work environment. I can come to you or we can set up a virtual event!

Confidence & Boundaries

It’s important to feel confident establishing and maintaining our daily business and personal relationships.  How do you maintain your boundaries and communicate your needs in a realistic, empowering, and fluid way?  How do you ensure your team has the skills necessary to manage their safety and comfort in a variety of situations?


Professionals in industries that require being alone with strangers, taking meetings at any hour, or traveling regularly can feel at greater risk and more vulnerable while conducting business.  Everyone deserves to feel safe going about their lives and no one should have to limit themselves or their opportunities out of fear. Knowing you have options and can defend yourself physically if necessary is a skill that can lead to increased confidence across the board.

Let me help you empower your employees and team!

My interactive programs can be fully customized to fit your group’s needs. I can work with your HR or Legal team to ensure our program aligns with your messaging, goals, and existing company policy.

"Her adaptability in providing us with such an engaging and compelling virtual training was truly exceptional."

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Safety, Assertiveness, Violence Prevention and Empowerment (S.A.V.E.)

Boundaries for Personal Empowerment

Feel confident setting boundaries and claiming your personal power.

The Awkward Hug

Learn how to handle awkward encounters with people you know in an empowered, respectful and socially acceptable way!

Yes I'm Hiking Solo

Feel more confident exploring the outdoors or traveling solo.

Hands On Safety Workshop

Practice simple self-defense techniques with the addition of hitting strike pads.

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Corporate, Military, Realtors, Private groups, Advocates, Conferences

Safety, Assertiveness, Violence Prevention, Empowerment (S.A.V.E.) is designed for companies, businesses, or any non-student group that wants to empower their community and employees with personal safety tools, discussions on how to avoid unwanted social interactions with colleagues and co-workers and how to use verbal strategies to avoid confrontations. We will address the importance of intuition and awareness when managing our safety, and how to be an active bystander for others. The program can include discussion and practice with physical self-defense techniques.


This program is 60min + Q&A and can be customized to fit a variety of corporate needs.


Boundaries for Personal Empowerment

College, Military, Corporate, Private groups, Advocates, Conferences, High School

This interactive program is designed for any group that wants to feel confident setting boundaries in professional and personal settings.  We discuss the importance of speaking up for your needs, trusting your intuition, and using clear, assertive communication. It will provide tools to help you recognize manipulative behavior as well as feel better equipped to be an active bystander. The goal is to enable you to confidently enforce your boundaries in direct and respectful ways.

This program is 60min + Q&A and can be customized to fit a variety of corporate needs.


The Awkward Hug

College, High School, Jr. High, Corporate, Military, Private Groups, Conferences

Have you ever participated in unwanted conversations, hugging, kissing, other physical contact or even … relationships? Want to know how to handle the awkward in an empowered, respectful and socially acceptable way?


Setting personal boundaries that work for us is essential to living a healthy, happy and empowered life. The tools we will learn can be used every day and the practice of them can ultimately lead to forming stronger relationships in our work, romantic and friendly interactions, along with helping us feel more confident in our day to day social exchanges.  Join us for an interactive workshop designed to fine tune your intuition, help you learn to set boundaries and use your voice and take full control of your choices.

The program is 60-75 minutes + Q&A and is ideal for groups from 10 to 80 people.


Yes I'm Hiking Solo

College, Military, Realtors, Corporate, Private groups, Advocates, Conferences

Ever been worried about your safety when hiking or traveling solo? Do you want to feel confident and independent venturing out on your own? Have you been wanting to learn some badass simple and effective self-defense moves? Then join me as I share self-defense strategies to empower you to feel more confident about exploring the outdoors or wherever your adventure takes you. I'll also shares fun travel stories and how hiking and traveling solo has had such a positive effect on my life.

The program is 60-75 minutes + Q&A.


Hands on Safety Workshop

College, High School, Jr. High, Corporate, Realtors,  Private Groups, Conferences

This workshop, offers small groups some hands-on self-defense instruction through the use of strike pads in collaboration with IMPACT Personal Safety.  This workshop address the basics of personal safety and physical self-defense skills and participants practice the skills through body movement and hitting strike pads using the techniques we teach.

The program is 60-75 minutes + Q&A.


Want to talk about the best program for your group?

Let's discuss your needs!

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"Nicole’s self-defense workshop opened my eyes to the power I have within my own body to fight and protect myself and that is a priceless gift."

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"Nicole was amazing – she listened to everything we wanted to cover and did a fantastic job."

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