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I started #OutdoorDefense, an online video series, in 2019 after being encouraged by friends & family for over 2 years.


My love of adventure, the outdoors, traveling/hiking solo combined with educating people on self-defense is what inspired #OutdoorDefense. I want to help people open up their world, no matter what that means to them. I want people to feel confident making their world big instead of feeling like they to have to make it small to feel safe.  In Outdoor Defense videos, I share self-defense safety strategies that can encourage people to confidently enjoy the outdoors solo.


30 episodes of Season 1 are on IGTV and YouTube now.

Season 2 is here!

Learn simple self-defense strategies for your next outdoor adventure!

If you like what you learned, you can support  Outdoor Defense here:

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What in the world would open up for you if you felt Safe?

Season 2 of #OutdoorDefense is here!

Check out the first 2 episodes below!

There is no place I'd rather be than on a trail having an adventure!
Mammoth Duck Lake alpine Nicole Snell Outdor Defense hiking solo
Alabama Hills Nicole Snell Outdor Defense hiking solo
Big Pines camping Nicole Snell Outdor Defense hiking solo
Devils Postpile Yosemite Nicole Snell Outdor Defense hiking solo
Alabama Hills Nicole Snell Outdor Defense hiking solo California Mount Baden Powell
Nicole Snell Angels Landing utah zion mukuntuweap hiking solo outdoordefense
You are worth fighting for and you are fully capable of
being your own best protector!
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