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Outdoor Defense

Photo by Erik Umphery

What in the world would open up for you if you felt Safe?

Learn simple self-defense strategies to empower your next outdoor adventure!

Outdoor Defense is my online video series that provides simple and effective self-defense techniques to help you feel confident exploring the outdoors on your own. I release new episodes every other Tuesday on YouTube during each season. Right now I'm on a production hiatus but I will be working on Season 4 soon.

Season 4 will return!
Right now you can watch 3 Seasons and 60 episodes of

Outdoor Defense on YT!

I created this series in 2019 after being encouraged by friends & family for over 2 years to combine my passions: my love of solo adventure, the outdoors and my love of teaching self-defense. I want to help women and people of all gender identities open up their world and feel confident in their ability to handle themselves while enjoying what they love.  In Outdoor Defense videos, some in collaboration with IMPACT Personal Safety, I share self-defense safety strategies (physical, verbal & mental) that can encourage people to confidently hike, camp, backpack, fly fish, trail run/road run, road trip, and more while solo! I've traveled and hiked solo around the world, and I bring my experience and expertise directly to you!

Let's open up your world!


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I offer speaking programs & workshops focused on self-defense and

personal safety for the outdoors:

Yes I'm Hiking Solo

Girls Fight Back Outdoors

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