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Self-defense is not about what you should do, it's about what you can do.

You Are Worth Fighting For!

My super power is empowering others!

I have been passionate about self-defense my entire life and my training includes IMPACT LA, Ground Fighting, Defense Against the Armed Assailant, FAST defense & the GFB Speaker Academy.

In addition to my speaking engagements with Girls Fight Back, I am a Lead Instructor with IMPACT Personal Safety where (prior to COVID) we taught full force, scenario based self-defense. All classes are team taught by female lead instructors and a padded instructor. Students are fully adrenalized during training and learn how to manage their emotional response along with developing procedural memory.  We teach verbal skills, gross motor movement and simple strikes that are immediately useful to students without needing months or years of practice to be proficient.

IMPACT Classes are now virtual and include role play with an instructor to practice verbal skills in realistic scenarios. Available for small groups.

Teaching self-defense is incredibly rewarding. I love seeing that moment when a woman realizes that she is fully capable  of defending herself.

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Photo by Pink Dahlia Photography

Workshops & Seminars

I speak to audiences of any size and demographic for live or online self-defense workshops, seminars and keynotes.


From interactive speaking engagements, hands on workshops, to virtual webinars, I would love to empower your group!

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Outdoor Defense

I created this series to help people feel safe while solo hiking, camping, running, adventuring and traveling.


Learn some simple self-defense strategies for your next outdoor adventure!

Get your FREE Sassy Self-Defense Guide! 

Ready for some self-defense strategies you can use right now?

We are our own best protectors. That knowledge can open up your world.

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