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We are our own best protectors. That knowledge can open up your world.

You Are Worth Fighting For!

My super power is empowering others!

I have been passionate about self-defense my entire life and my training includes IMPACT LA, Ground Fighting, Defense Against the Armed Assailant, FAST defense & the GFB Speaker Academy.

The skills I teach with Girls Fight Back and IMPACT Personal Safety are simple, practical and accessible! There are no complicated moves or elaborate sequences to remember. Anyone of any age, size or skill level can learn the techniques during a single session. Not only that, but they can be immediately applied to your life the  moment you leave!

Teaching self-defense is incredibly rewarding. I love seeing that moment when a woman realizes that she is fully capable  of defending herself.


Workshops & Seminars

I offer interactive speaking engagements, seminars, keynotes, workshops, virtual webinars, and more through Girls Fight Back!

Both non-contact and full contact programs available.

Full force/ full contact workshops available through IMPACT Personal Safety.

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Outdoor Defense

Yes I'm Hiking Solo

I created the series Outdoor Defense to help people feel safe while solo hiking, camping, running, adventuring, traveling, and more!

The series inspired me to create speaking programs to teach groups and individuals  for their next outdoor adventure!

In an ideal world, no one would need these skills; and until we live in that world, it is a gift to be as knowledgeable as possible on being your own best protector.

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In addition to my speaking engagements with Girls Fight Back, I am a Lead Instructor with IMPACT Personal Safety and a Travel Team member with IMPACT Global where we teach full force, full contact, scenario based self-defense to women and people of all genders and ages- including kids! All classes are team taught by female lead instructors and a padded instructor. Students are fully adrenalized during training in order to learn how to manage their emotional response and develop procedural memory. Our bodies learn to respond to the stimulus and even though the stimulus is artificial, the response is real. This is why IMPACT's role-playing scenarios work. We teach verbal skills and simple strikes that are immediately useful to students without needing months or years of training to be effective.

IMPACT Classes are available in person or virtual which include realistic scenarios with an instructor to practice verbal skills. Available for small groups.

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Self-defense is not about what you should do, it's about what you can do.