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"Your unique style and passion for giving the world a
fighting voice is amazing."

Featured Testimonials

“We were so excited to partner with Girls Fight Back to host a virtual self defense training session as part of our Empowerment Summit Digital Learning Series, which is a program geared towards high school students who identify as female. From start-to-finish the process was informative, collaborative and seamless. Nicole is an absolute rock star and made a virtual event fun, engaging and empowering for all who attended. As a result of the session, young women in our community are now more equipped with practical and empowering options for violence prevention and self-defense.”

-Denver Broncos Community Development, Girls Fight Back Virtual Event 2021

"This was the best, most affirming, and positive program I’ve seen.
Your approach is very empowering!"

“It was AMAZING having you host this event. Everyone loved you, your energy, and the skills/tips you provided. I just want to thank you 100 more times!!”

Nikia Acy, Marketing Director, Santa Barbara Young Black Professionals- Outdoor Self-Defense & Travel Safety


"Students Fight Back was the perfect combination of informative presentation coupled with audience interaction. Nicole did a great job of keeping our students engaged the entire evening! The progression of the presentation from hands-off skills (intuition, awareness, boundary-setting) to basic self-defense moves was terrific. The level of student engagement at the end of the night made it obvious that Nicole's presentation was very empowering and left the students wanting to learn more. Because of this, we look forward to having Students Fight Back programming on our campus again in the future!"

Program Coordinator, Indiana Tech, Students Fight Back


"GFB is truly sensational and inspirational. I love that she didn’t make me fearful of attackers or of being attacked. Instead, it made me aware of my surroundings, and her techniques made me feel safer. This presentation is one that I would definitely see again."

Suzanne Smith, Texas A&M University, Girls Fight Back


"Just wanted to say that I absolutely LOVED the panel! Thank you for being such a great representation of Runners Alliance and HOKA. You all provided great information and tips that will allow runners to feel more safe. I couldn’t be more thrilled by how it all turned out!"

Runners World/Runners Alliance Virtual Workshop


“Girls Fight Back is so empowering and I gained so much from it! I led my first women's trail running retreat in 2020 and as the months got closer to the retreat date my anxiety began getting higher. I was nervous about leading a group of women on the trails alone. Nicole Snell's Outdoor Defense videos helped me learn new tools and tactics as well as reinforce things I already knew about self-defense. It helped me walk into my retreat feeling empowered to lead. Girls Fight Back and Outdoor Defense is such an important program for women's empowerment and I am so grateful for Nicole for creating it!”

Whitney Miller, CEO/Founder, Transcend Health & Wellness

“Wow!  What a great class last night!  Nicole’s presentation was inspiring, empowering, energetic and a ton of fun. I want to extend my heartfelt thanks to you for making this class possible.”

Allison Tapert, Kula Academy Director of Chaos & Fun, Yes I’m Hiking Solo- Kula Academy


“Nicole was fantastic and the presentation went really well. It was great to have such an interactive virtual experience. It was great to have Nicole as a guest speaker and we'd love to have her back.”

Sarah Cannery, Owner Rise.Run.Retreat Virtual Women’s Retreat


"Nicole is incredibly knowledgeable about self-defense and is generous in her approach. She focuses on risk recognition in a way that opens up possibility rather than shutting it down. She encourages discussion with a curiosity of spirit and a sincere interest in what participants have to say. Her enthusiasm and her warmth are contagious; students invariably come out of her classes feeling stronger, happier, and more confident than when they came in. Nicole makes self-defense training fun as well as informative.

UCLA Student, Students Fight Back Virtual Workshop


"I was there with my 14-year-old daughter! So impressive. I am a fire and life safety educator for Massachusetts and can honestly say Nicole’s presentation was by far the best. What a phenomenal organization! Keep up the fantastic work."

Liz Shannon – Mom from a Nantucket, MA Girls Fight Back Community Event, March 2015


“We love IMPACT’s mission and highly recommend their training for all workplaces! IMPACT gave us practical ways to manage personal safety with simple techniques, and we left the training feeling very EMPOWERED and more confident. The instructor Nicole was knowledgeable, engaging, and passionate about safety.  We will definitely plan to have IMPACT return for more extensive personal safety/self-defense training!”

Susan Pai, Senior Property Manager/Asset Services - Cushman & Wakefield, IMPACT Personal Safety


Virtual Girls Fight Back event

"I am so grateful that I feel more prepared for incidents than I used to. Your class has made me feel so empowered."

"Girls Fight Back is a great program for learning practical skills for self-defense and boundary-setting in everyday interactions."

Cal State Dominguez Hills, Girls Fight Back


"Nicole's class gave me the tools to identify and combat predatory behaviors. As a young woman, these tools are invaluable in the obstacles we face both from strangers and familiars; Nicole's hands-on approach to teaching cemented these strategies and I left feeling empowered and confident."

UCLA Student, Students Fight Back/Yes I'm Hiking Solo Virtual Workshop


"I’ve taken Nicole's self defence classes for solo travel, and I am so much better off for having done so. Nicole is such an engaging and passionate teacher, and the skills and strategies she teaches have really helped me feel more confident not only while I’m traveling as a woman on my own, but also doing the things I want to do in life in general, like hiking solo, and just walking home at night.

I love that her skills are so simple, effective, and practical, and can be applied even if you don’t have a self defense background, and I really love that her focus is on using your body as a weapon, because I personally feel much safer knowing that I can rely on myself, and using my voice, hands, elbows, and knees, than having to rely on man-made tools.

First and foremost though, Nicole teaches that self defense is primarily about prevention, which is perfect, because I’ve never personally had to fight, so I have no idea how I’d go if I ever found myself in that position. From Nicole’s classes though I’ve learned how to think smart, and now know how to engage in non physical prevention so I can avoid most situations before it even gets to that point.

I’m so thankful for now having options to defend myself because I know I’m not helpless if I find myself in a situation, and from Nicole’s strategies and techniques, if something does happen Im now confident that I have enough skills and options that no matter what it is, I’ll have an option as to what to do. Thanks Nicole!"

Meg Jerrard, Co-Founder Solo Female Travelers Club,  I've Got This: Solo Travel for Female Travelers Virtual

“I took Nicole’s virtual outdoor defense class back in the early days of COVID. And even through a screen, she taught such valuable skills that make me feel sooo much more confident as a woman in the outdoors!”

@hikeology, Summer Solstice Virtual Workshop


“For my ladies, who are a little bit intimidated or scared of camping, hiking, recreating alone. Nicole has proven to be an invaluable resource for educating myself and helping me find my power within the outdoors.  She provides easy to understand and relatable content relating to empowering yourself outdoors so that you can protect yourself when doing what you love.”

@Outsidewithv, Outdoor Defense


“Nicole, Dani Joy, and Matthew taught our team about the importance of tuning in to our own body language, and paying attention to how we instinctively react to people without the filter of our own self-doubt. We learned to verbally deescalate a variety of situations while always physically asserting our strength and surety through distance and stance. During our work out in the field we come in contact with a lot of people, and this program helped us become more aware and more confident in potentially dangerous situations. They gave us a relaxed, comfortable environment to learn these new skills, and flawlessly adapted the course to the zoom format.”

Participant, Greenspan Private Class, IMPACT


“Throughout my session with Nicole, I felt empowered and able to put my all forward into the self-defense exercises, which were an incredible opportunity to understand the variety of situations we, all as citizens, may be put in. I hold a vast amount of respect towards Nicole and the ways in which she provided an open and comfortable space to indulge in Empowerment Self Defense. I look forward to using such techniques and working with Nicole, possibly offering such classes for others in the future, as well. Thank you Nicole!"

UCLA Student, Students Fight Back/Yes I'm Hiking Solo Virtual

"Nicole did a great job of keeping our students engaged the entire evening!"

"If you're looking to spur positive change, inspire hope, and motivate courage in people's lives then look no further. Nicole delivered an impact filled presentation on the importance of boundaries, using one's voice, standing up for ourselves and others. She also presented thought provoking information on personal safety, awareness and other facets of human psychology. Her compelling training sparked stirring discussions and helped all of us understand the significance of our emotions, our interactions with others and intuition. She is a true advocate in every sense of the word. Our experience in working with her was professional and flawless from the start, even with the COVID-19 implications. Her adaptability in providing us with such an engaging and compelling virtual training was truly exceptional. We are grateful to have had this opportunity of working with her and highly encourage others to invite Nicole into their community for a truly captivating and passionate experience."

Teresa Loya, Vandenberg Air Force Base,

SAPR Victim Advocate


Speaking at Hill AFB