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"Your unique style and passion for giving the world a
fighting voice is amazing."

Featured Testimonials

“We were so excited to partner with Girls Fight Back to host a virtual self defense training session as part of our Empowerment Summit Digital Learning Series, which is a program geared towards high school students who identify as female. From start-to-finish the process was informative, collaborative and seamless. Nicole is an absolute rock star and made a virtual event fun, engaging and empowering for all who attended. As a result of the session, young women in our community are now more equipped with practical and empowering options for violence prevention and self-defense.”

-Denver Broncos Community Development, Girls Fight Back Virtual Event 2021


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Dr. Vanessa Guyton Testimonial for Nicole Snell

Dr. Vanessa Guyton Testimonial for Nicole Snell

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Teaira Testimonial for Nicole Snell

Teaira Testimonial for Nicole Snell

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Girls Fight Back: Student Testimonial- Kyrmina, Flintridge Prep

Girls Fight Back: Student Testimonial- Kyrmina, Flintridge Prep

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Girls Fight Back Student Testimonial: Nicolle, Flintridge Prep

Girls Fight Back Student Testimonial: Nicolle, Flintridge Prep

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"This was the best, most affirming, and positive program I’ve seen.
Your approach is very empowering!"
Kimberly Schrader
Title IX Coordinator
Knox College

“You were graceful and patient, as always - and still brought your enthusiastic and authentic self. Thank you, once again, for an exciting, expert, sensitive, and informed evening of information sharing and skill-building. All of them had great things to say and learned much. One person stayed behind to chat and not only shared a good deal about their experience(s), but also told me they left being very glad they’d come. Thanks again for your critical and life-changing work.”

Lori Newell, MS, HS-BCP, CA
Workplace Violence Prevention & Response Coordinator, 
National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)

"Nicole's presentation was remarkable! Her presentation ranked in the category of highest registrants coming in 2nd to our all time high. We have received nothing but positive comments and the employees found the information to be of great value. Our VAL's are looking forward to her training session next week. Nicole is a joy to work with and we look forward to many more future collaborations."

Bishal Adhikari
Student Activities Council
Dir. of Lecture Programming
Northwest Missouri State University

“Students Fight Back was successful, our students got to learn Badass Basics, and that was very important. I personally liked it when she explained setting up healthy boundaries, when to say no. The audience interaction was great. I will definitely recommend this presentation to my colleagues. The Q&A time was enough and there was great student engagement during Q&A sessions. Lasty, I want to thank Nicole for being kind and humble and teaching something that was necessary for our students.”

Brigette Kidd

"You are doing your passion, and it shows.
Thank you so much for the professional self-defense class, as you handled my 'sticker' comments exceptionally. I appreciate having worked with you and participating in your first public class. I have gained tools I can use as I navigate the streets of LA daily and in my international travels. ”

Abigal Emtage

“I personally struggle a little with the term "girl" for myself or when it is used refer to women in a patronizing way, and was wondering if the session would be somewhat gendered due to the Girls Fight Back branding. However, this concern was unfounded and I'm really glad I attended this workshop. I hugely appreciated the gender inclusive language throughout (e.g. referring to attackers/body parts in a neutral way, mentioning someone in the chat as "they" and not assuming pronouns).
Thank you, Nicole!”

Jennifer Reardon
Western Region Coordinator
Cornell University Extension

“Nicole is a force to be reckoned with! The workshop was terrific! Fabulous! Nicole is an engaging, energetic presenter who provides information any human can use to protect themselves. It was clearly presented with an organized flow and included common language and skills everyone can use.  I would recommend this seminar to absolutely everyone.” 

“Nicole's Run Into Your Power seminar was empowering, effective, and approachable. In the course of 1 short hour, Nicole is able to transform any fears or anxieties her audience has towards personal safety into feelings of confidence and trust in oneself. What's even more impressive, is that she is able to do this with a mixture of warmth and compassion, that speaks from reason and credibility but does not invalidate any fears or anxieties her audience may have had about personal safety.


Just two weeks after Nicole presented at our company, an employee who attended  the seminar had an unfortunate run in where they had to defend themselves against another individual. Luckily they were okay, and afterwards they spoke to how Nicole's tactics helped them in that situation and how appreciative they were to have learned those tools.”



Michelle Paul
Assoc. Dir. of Student Affairs
Davenport University

“Nicole's presentation was great. She asked good questions beforehand to understand our population and structure in order to teach relatable material to our student body. She's a great speaker - very enthusiastic, knowledgeable, charismatic, and active.
I love the active participation she brings! No matter the type of student, they always participate."

John Pilmaier
NOVA Conference

“I was at the NOVA Conference and wanted you to know I was blown away by your presentation.  Thank you!  I am also a survivor of childhood sexual assault by a member of the Catholic clergy.  I have been having issues with some family members such as "but they've changed" "but there is a baptism" "but that was a long time ago and they don't do that anymore" know where I am going.

Thank you for reminding me that I can say "No" and not second guess myself or feel that I have to make any excuses.”  

Jill Henry
Flintridge Prep
Girls Cross Country Coach

“We had an amazing self-defense session at practice on Friday to teach our girls cross-country team some basic safety tactics. The 75-minute session was really well-paced and very digestible, and the trainer, Nicole is amazing: super high energy, easy to work with, very professional. I want her on anyone's radar in case there's an opportunity to bring her into physical education, to work with athletic teams, or to offer something for the general student body. The girls raved about the session, and I hope we can do this again in the future!”

Jocelin Crisantos
Graduate Intern Women's Center
Eastern Connecticut State University

“Nicole’s presentation went great! She was really engaging and interacting with the students. We enjoyed the step-by-step basic self- defense, she made everyone feel comfortable and created a safe space for students to be able to try it out!  Her travel stories were also very engaging and captivating. Nicole is a GREAT speaker. Nicole was very helpful in creating a space for students to ask questions, I enjoyed the time she had with the students."

Brenda Bravo
Latinas In Power
Westchester Community College

“We loved it! Nicole was great she was really helpful and the students enjoyed the event as did I. Thank you for working with us! I hope we can have more events together in the future.”

Darius Darling
Student Life Coordinator
Indiana Tech University

“ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!! Nicole was awesome and we look forward to doing more work with you all soon. I know our students were very interested in the Self Defense training class so we may be in touch regarding the course. But overall, everything was awesome. Thank you!”

"Nicole was engaging and made me feel empowered to set boundaries for myself both emotionally and physically."


Liam Geva,
Cornell University Cooperative Extension

“I can’t thank you enough for the wonderful training you provided us yesterday! Everyone found the training super timely, informative, useful, engaging, entertaining, safe, inclusive, and more. Thank you so much for also taking the time to have our staff share their own stories and experiences, and just making it a positive and empowering experience.”

Kula Cloth

“Your energy and confidence is infectious. I feel like you gave a piece of it to each of us, lit our candles with your flame, and that we're all walking away more empowered. I learned some invaluable things. Recommending to all my friends!” 

May Isbel
Girl Scouts Troupe 15875

“Nicole specifically was BAD ASS! We loved her energy, her information, her genuine delivery of the topic. She deserves a special applause. Our girl scouts gave her a Bad Ass Talking toy!”

Girl Scouts Troop
Laura C. Gillgan
IBM Software, Customer Success

Thank you again for spending your Friday with us in Chicago!  I loved your presentation and really appreciated your energy and positive messaging.  I came home repeating NO!  Stay Back!  I don't want any trouble! and my family looked at me like I was nuts...but they thought it was cool, once I explained
Thank you again!


“Nicole is incredibly knowledgeable about self-defense and is generous in her approach. She focuses on risk recognition in a way that opens up possibility rather than shutting it down. She encourages discussion with a curiosity of spirit and a sincere interest in what participants have to say.

Her enthusiasm and her warmth are contagious; students invariably come out of her classes feeling stronger, happier, and more confident than when they came in. Nicole makes self-defense training fun as well as informative.”

Brie Chartier

“Thanks for the workshop Nicole. I’ve done a bunch of training including defensive tactics instructor courses and this was the best, most affirming, and positive I’ve seen. Your approach is very empowering! You’re an awesome teacher and facilitator.”

Nicole and Viewpoint Students
"Students invariably come out of her classes feeling
stronger, happier, and more confident than when they came in."
Lamar University

"Best seminar I have attended, very educational!"

Attendee Feedback
IVAT Hawaii Conference

“Fantastic motivational Speaker! Interactive and high energy. Very impactful.”

Maggie Scenna
HER Campus Media

“It was AMAZING!!! Nicole and Don did such an amazing job and our audience was so engaged and loved every second of it. I hope we can work together again in the future!”

Monta Vista High School

"My daughter really enjoyed this - thank you. I have extensive defense training and was thrilled you covered so much and could encapsulate it in such a straightforward, memorable set of behaviors. Thank you!"

Sarah Canney
Owner/Founder Rise.Run.Retreat

“Everything about Nicole's talk was fantastic and she was so great to work with. The material was relevant to our group and well presented. Thank you!”

Sarah Histand
Founder Mind & Mountain

“We had a great session with Nicole! Nicole's presence was very encouraging & I appreciated how she shaped the presentation to fit our outdoorsy women & non-binary folks crowd. Her use of interaction made the zoom call very engaging.”

“You empowered me more than you know! I'm doing my first thru hike solo in August (TRT) and with your class I feel even more unstoppable!”


Christine Koekemoer
AdventurUS Women Retreat

"Every womxn should be taking this class… run, don’t walk, to sign up… The tools learned to better equip me for being alone outdoors were invaluable. There were so many AHA moments, the tools are so simple and accessible to all of us - I don’t have to remember a list of 20 things to do - but I CAN take control of an uncomfortable situation by listening to my intuition, using my voice and being assertive. I’d never even considered these as tools… The great thing about the tools we learned is that they can so easily be incorporated into our everyday lives, even off the trail. So here’s looking at many confident and empowered hours spent on and off the trail and if anyone comes looking for trouble… well, this girl is going to be ready to fight back.”

Anastasia Allison
Founder, Kula Cloth

“ I have to say that Nicole's class was AMAZING. I had the opportunity to moderate it yesterday and it was engaging, empowering, and impactful. I could sense a noticeable difference in the participants over the course of the hour. Nicole is SUCH A TRUE GIFT to this world - so thank you for giving us the opportunity to share her message with our community. I have never seen so many positive comments at the end of a presentation before - it was really incredible. So, again, thank you!”

Montgomery College

"I had a great time today! I had low confidence in myself when it comes to defending myself and speaking up, as I'm an introvert. After participating in this workshop, I learned how to defend myself using basic defense skills and use my voice. I want to thank Nicole Snell for teaching me many things, relevant to personal experiences. I hope to attend self-defense classes soon."

Carthage Jumbotron
Sarah Hedberg
Project Engineer
Mortenson Construction

“The program was awesome!  I am very satisfied with Nicole’s presentation – she was super engaging and hit on so many different topics related to self defense and awareness. I liked how she would ask questions and do little activities to encourage active participation. There was enough time for Q&A and she was willing to stay longer until all questions were asked, which was appreciated. I would 1000% recommend  her to colleagues!” 

Hannah Large
Student, Carthage College

“I was just able to participate in your Students Fight Back session and was so overwhelmed with joy and inspiration with your work.  I was so inspired by your presentation today I had tears in my eyes. Your language, inclusion of the LGBTQ+ community and disabled community, and respect for pronouns made me feel SO much joy.  Thank you for all of your amazing work.”

Adventurus Women retreat
Michelle Jackson-Saulters
 AdventurUS Women Retreat

“I'm so happy that I got to take Nicole's "Yes I’m Hiking Solo: Self-Defense for the Outdoors" class. This class was everything I was looking for and more! Nicole gave us practical tools that I feel comfortable using if I ever feel unsafe, whether I'm out hiking solo or anywhere else for that matter.  She reminded me of my strength and my value all while showing me how to protect myself. She reminded me that I already have everything I need to keep myself safe and that was so reassuring! Nicole was a fantastic instructor - she was incredibly supportive, knowledgeable and passionate. She made me excited to learn more about self defense!”

"I am so grateful that I feel more prepared for incidents than I used to.
Your class 
has made me feel so emp
Courtney Sanford
Co-Founder of Outwild

“Nicole brings the kind of energy you dream of in a presenter. Her consistent enthusiasm and positivity are infectious, even across a computer screen, and attendees leave feeling empowered and excited. She has a natural ability to engage an audience and is extremely thoughtful about discovering ways to make her presentations as interactive as possible. She is someone that you can fully trust with your group and it's clear that she puts a ton of heart and soul into creating content and making sure everything moves flawlessly. I could not recommend working with Nicole enough!”

Elisa Vigil
Outreach Programmer
Spokane Falls Associated Student Government

“The event went wonderfully. Nicole's presentation had tons of important information and was very engaging. It was received with very positive feedback from staff and students. When I advertised this event, I put emphasis on the boundary-setting and self-defense aspects of the event. I greatly appreciated how thoroughly Nicole went over those topics. I am very happy with how the event went. We had plenty of time for a Q&A, and I'll be sure to leave this event in our programming notes so next year's team can work with you next year as well!”

Hiba Khan

“Nicole's presentation was absolutely incredible. We received such glowing feedback on the whole session and it was a treat to meet and work with Nicole! I cannot stress enough how wonderful and amazing Nicole was and I hope to work with her again soon!”

NACA 2019 with Drew
Danielle Nolan
Co-Founder, DNK Presents

“Nicole did an amazing job! I had taken this course previously and I learned more the second time around for sure. I love that it's so interactive even being virtual. I love that she said she would take questions for as long as people were asking! I would definitely recommend Nicole's presentation to other groups. Overall great presentation, we loved having Nicole lead this and I hope we can do something in person in the future.”

NACA Conference
Mar Pages
Co-Founder, Solo Female Travelers Club

“Nicole is an incredible professional who is able to captivate an audience, communicate a message and inspire women to take control of their own body and mind and use them both to stay safe. I have had the pleasure of working with her for our solo female travel safety, wellness and sexual wellbeing festival, Empowerful, and have been moved by her long term commitment to supporting women's safety in all environments, from the workplace to the outdoors or on their travels. She leads with passion and integrity and is able to motivate and convince women that they don't have to feel afraid while giving them practical tips to react if required. I highly recommend her work to anyone who wants to feel empowered and learn how to stay safe.”

Carthage College

“Finding an acceptable Title IX compliant program for our New Student Orientation has been one of the most difficult tasks of my career. Some are seen as too flippant about the topics at hand, while others too dry and unengaging. Students Fight Back not only treats the topics with respect and perspective, but makes it near impossible to not be fully engaged. They bring relatable story telling and practical intervention and se