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Evidence-based research over the last 40+ years, supports the efficacy of empowerment-based self-defense education.

My programs are engaging and effective!

We've been published in 2 peer-reviewed publications:

Sexual Assault Report, 2024

Family & Intimate Partner Violence Quarterly, 2024

GFB Program Evaluation Infographic

Self-Defense training has been shown to lower rates
of sexual assault by up to 50%.


Girls Fight Back! You Are Worth Fighting For
by Daniel W Oesterle, Weiman Chen, Nicole Snell, and Lindsay M. Orchowski*
SAR-2703-GIRLS FIGHT BACK_article_page1.png

Empowerment Based Self-Defense Efficacy Infographic

Empowerment based Self-Defense graphic

Graphic created by: Mona MacDonald

"Self-defense training has many other positive effects on women’s lives— effects that themselves may reduce women’s risk of assault." - Jocelyn Hollander

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