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Nicole Snell hiking Hoka mammoth mountains

When we are empowered to live our lives confidently and freely…

There is no limit to what we can do

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Speaker. Self-Defense Expert. Trainer. Advocate. Adventurer.

Welcome! I'm Nicole Snell, the CEO of Girls Fight Back. I travel around the US and the world speaking to and training women and gender inclusive groups with my interactive and empowering safety programs.

I work with companies of all sizes and from all industries as well as universities, the US Military,
outdoor groups, conferences, private groups, and more.

I will teach you and your groups simple, practical and empowering verbal and physical
self-defense skills to help you manage your safety, increase your awareness, set boundaries, develop healthy relationships, embark on solo adventure, travel with confidence and
open up your world!

You are fully capable of defending yourself!

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Be Limitless!

Let me show you how!

As Seen On:

Women's Health Magazine Nicole Snell
REI Wild Ideas Worth Living Podcast Nicole Snell

My engaging and interactive violence prevention programs are
inclusive, trauma-informed, evidence-based, and grounded in empowerment self-defense strategies.

Public Classes
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2 NEW Public Classes In March!

In celebration of Women's History Month, I'm offering 2 public empowerment based self-defense classes this month.

Get your tickets below!

March 25th, 2023- In Person: West Hollywood

The Badass Basics Workshop


March 26th, 2023- Virtual

Girls Fight Back Class

2:00pm-3:00pm PST

Q&A follows

Learn practical verbal and physical self-defense skills, including boundary setting tools, that are designed to increase your confidence and help you gain independence.  My goal is to help you walk through the world doing the activities you love with less restrictions and more autonomy! Learn to live limitlessly!

March Public Classes!


Keynotes & Seminars

I'll travel to you and deliver interactive keynotes & seminars to groups of any size or demographic on topics including:


  • Campus Safety

  • Corporate Safety

  • Travel/Solo Travel Safety

  • Outdoor Safety

  • Runner Safety

  • Personal Safety

  • Teen Dating Safety

  • Women's Empowerment

  • Boundary Setting

  • Self-Defense

  • Domestic Violence Prevention

  • Gender-Based Violence

  • Violence Prevention

  • Sexual Assault Awareness

  • Leadership Development

  • Motivation


My workshops are interactive, engaging, positive and fun!

From small groups to large audiences, I'll get you on your feet and using your voice!

Partial contact and full contact workshops available.

I'm now offering public workshops both in person and virtually throughout the year!

Sign up for my newsletter for updates.


I'll show you how to be your own best protector using both your voice and body! Self-defense training is about more than physical skills, and has been shown to increase confidence, conquer anxiety and reduce the risk of experiencing violence.


Empowerment based self-defense education is one of the most effective gender-based violence prevention tools available.


All of my speaking programs are available as interactive virtual presentations for access to groups anywhere in the world!

Self-defense is about claiming personal power and developing confidence in your own ability to protect yourself.

I'm the CEO of Girls Fight Back, the world-renowned personal safety and self-defense company, and the founder of Outdoor Defense. I'm an award winning international speaker, certified self-defense instructor, Credentialed ESD Professional, and NACP Credentialed Advocate. Over the past 8 years, I’ve presented my interactive, inclusive and empowering safety programs to over 370 organizations worldwide. I've spoken to  hundreds of audiences of various demographics from diverse communities on topics of personal safety, gender-based violence prevention, awareness, teen dating safety, intuition, violence prevention, sexual assault prevention, domestic violence awareness, de-escalation, boundaries education, and bystander intervention. My goal is to empower women and people of all gender identities, from teens to adults, with these life saving and practical skills.

Let me help your group reclaim their voice and power!

I teach simple and effective safety techniques that are immediately useful for managing both your boundaries and personal safety. I want to help people of all genders, races, ages, sexual orientations and ability levels have the confidence to open up their world and feel self-reliant. My programs focus on empowerment and risk recognition, are backed by the latest peer reviewed research, and incorporate social-emotional learning techniques. There is no victim blaming or use of fear tactics in my programs! No one is ever at fault for violence that happens to them. Instead of giving you a list of "don'ts", items to carry, or restrictions on your activities, I will teach you strategies to help you live limitlessly, with more confidence and choices!

Empowerment self-defense gives you a choice in how to respond to situations and recognize danger so you can decide what works best for you!

"I love that her skills are so simple, effective, and practical, and can be applied even if you don’t have a self defense background."

I will show you options for dealing with a range of situations in a safe and empowered way such as: handling encounters on the street, on campus, on a run or hike, in the office, on your military installation, in your online meeting, while traveling solo, on a date, with friends, at church, during a night out, at home, on the road or on the trails. By addressing realistic situations and learning tools for responding, you will walk away with immediately useful life-skills that are invaluable. You are worth fighting for!

VeryWellFit voted Girls Fight Back

 2021 Best Online Self-Defense Class for Groups & Organizations!

I deliver keynotes, speak on panels, facilitate discussions, lead workshops and more!

I serve a variety of women specific and gender inclusive groups including but not limited to:

Available for Virtual or OnSite events. I travel to you!

Business Certifications:

  • WOSB Certified

  • LSBE Certified by LA County

  • CA Small Business Certified

  • SAMs Registered

  • ESD Credentialed Professional

WOSB Certified.png

A Black Woman Owned Business

Self-Defense is So Much More than physical skills.


“We were so excited to partner with Girls Fight Back to host a virtual self defense training session as part of our Empowerment Summit Digital Learning Series, which is a program geared towards high school students who identify as female. From start-to-finish the process was informative, collaborative and seamless. Nicole is an absolute rock star and made a virtual event fun, engaging and empowering for all who attended. As a result of the session, young women in our community are now more equipped with practical and empowering options for violence prevention and self-defense.”

Denver Broncos Community Development, Girls Fight Back Virtual Event 2021

Previous Clients Include

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My Self-Defense for Solo Travel Master Class is Now Available!

Are you ready to be empowered for your next solo trip?


Photo by Jovelle Tamayo

Girls Fight Back

Girls Fight Back is the world-renowned personal safety and empowerment self-defense program for women and girls since 2o01!

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Gender Inclusive Programs Available!

Nicole Snell Military Sigonella Navy SAPR Sexual Assault Prevention

Photo by MC2 Ramon Go

International Speaker

I have facilitated workshops, delivered keynotes and led seminars at over 90 US military installations in 10 countries for SAPR Victim Advocates, leadership and  service members. I speak at universities, high schools, Fortune 500 companies, retreats, corporations, conventions and private groups internationally.

Self-Defense Expert

In addition to running Girls Fight Back, I'm a lead instructor for IMPACT Personal Safety & IMPACT Global. We teach full force self-defense skills around the world using adrenalized, realistic, scenario based training.

Nicole self defense fight girls fight

Photo by Deborah Hart Photography

Outdoor Defense

I created Outdoor Defense to empower people to enjoy solo outdoors activities & travel with basic

self-defense skills!

Speaking programs &

one-on-one sessions available!

big pine first lake hiking solo outdoors nicole alpine lake

"Her enthusiasm and her warmth are contagious; students invariably come out of her classes feeling stronger, happier, and more confident than when they came in. Nicole makes self-defense training fun as well as informative."



NACA Conferences

Showcasing Lecturer

Educational Session Speaker

Learning Live Speaker


NOVA 48 Conference

Session Presenter- GFB

Session Presenter -DM10

IVAT Hawaii 2022

Session Speaker

NRPA 2022

Session Speaker

America Outdoors 2022

Breakout Speaker

NCOSE 2021

Session Speaker

WRMC 2021

Workshop Speaker

IVAT San Diego 2021

Session Speaker



Voted Best Online Self-Defense Class 2021 for Groups or Organizations- by VeryWellFit

Air Mobility Command (AMC)/Air Force Materiel Command (AMFC) SAPR Training Videos Host

Certificate of Appreciation from Lieutenant General, William M. Burleson III, Commanding General for 8th Army, Seoul, South Korea

Certificate of Appreciation from SgtMaj Fields at Camp Hansen, Okinawa



Credentialed ESD Professional

NACP Credentialed Victim Advocate

IMPACT Certified Lead Instructor

LSBE Certified by LA County

LA County Vendor

CA Small Business Certification

WOSB Certified

ESD Advisory Council Member

PADI Open Water Diver

CPR & First Aid Certified
Wilderness Survival & First Aid

WOSB Certified.png


IPS New Logo 2020.jpeg
IMPACT Global Logo.jpeg
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Connect with Nicole

For Speaking Engagements,

College Bookings and Corporate Trainings:

Brian Regan


Military & DoD Inquiries:

Press Inquiries:


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