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Nature Defends Itself, And So Can We!

All animals have defense mechanisms for survival. INCLUDING humans!

Nature IS self-defense.

Animals have various forms of defense including speed, camouflage, mimicry, smell, teeth, flying, claws, freezing, climbing, numbers, burrowing, and so many more!

Where did we get the lie that humans, specifically women, are unable to protect ourselves with the weapons and tools that we were born with? What about the lie that we are weak? Or the lie that we have to rely on others to come and save us because "we don't stand a chance" otherwise? If I hear another journalist or influencer claim (incorrectly) that "the average women can't defend herself against the average man" I will scream. No animal exists without the ability to protect itself and women are not an exception. We are dangerous!

Humans have more than 20 weapons on our body, including our mind AND our voice. So whenever anyone tells you that you’re not capable of protecting yourself remember, nature did NOT leave you helpless and you indeed have a body and brain full of weapons available for defense or for other societal interactions that are part of our modern life.

In addition, we learn adaptive strategies throughout our lives that help us respond to different situations which is another form of resistance. Self-defense education can be modified for those with disabilities or injuries. And the knowledge of how you can use your body and voice can also help survivors heal in the aftermath of trauma which is another form of self-protection.

Survival is an instinct all animals share. It’s human nature to want to survive and protect ourselves from danger. It's a human right to have access to self-defense education so that we can be more effective at managing our safety in a complex world where violence exists. Denying our right to self-defense education would be denying our humanity and our own survival instinct. Empowerment based self-defense training returns that which society has taken away...our autonomy, confidence, independence, self-efficacy, and knowledge that we are worth fighting for. We don't exist separately from nature, we are apart of it. And nature IS self-defense.

Let’s reconnect to our innate power and challenge harmful stereotypes & systems of oppression that seek to control us through fear.

Let’s unleash our inner badass!

Watch my IG Reel on this topic here.


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