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My 2022 Year in Review

Photo by Jovelle Tamayo

I am looking back on the year 2022 with intense gratitude and awe.

It's been 2 short years since I bought Girls Fight Back in 2020, at the start of a pandemic and with what seemed like insurmountable challenges ahead of me. In 2 years I was able to bring my programming to the virtual space, create new programs to address the needs of more communities and I've reached even more people than I could have imagined with my message of empowerment.

Professional Recap

I worked to get several business certifications including WOSB (Women Owned Small Busienss), LSBSE, CA Small Business, LA County Vendor and Empowerment Self-Defense Professional (ESDP). I've expanded my work with colleges and have been invited to speak for and train the US Military, healthcare/home healthcare organizations, the NFL, women's running and wellness retreats, the outdoors industry, Fortune 500 companies, the entertainment industry, neighborhood watch groups, conferences, non profits and more.

This year alone I've completed over 50 speaking engagements!

I'm immeasurably grateful to Dr. Lindsay Orchowski and her research team at Brown University, who evaluated my programs curated from voluntary survey responses from my participants over the last 3 years. The results are amazing with 98.6% of participants reporting that they would recommend my program to a friend and 97.9% saying the program and skills they learned were useful. You can view the full infographic HERE.

I also worked with Dr. Orchowski to create boundary setting videos for 2 grant study programs serving women and bisexual women in college settings. I'm excited to share the videos and the research findings with you when the study in completed!

I finished Season 3 of my YouTube series, Outdoor Defense and now have over 1000 subscribers! This marks 60 episodes that I have self-produced and I couldn't be more thrilled at how my series on self-defense and safety skills for solo hikers and beyond has resonated with the world.

I couldn't have done all of this without all of you.

Thank you!

Thank you for your support. Thank you for bringing me to your organizations to empower your communities with safety and violence prevention skills you can use for a lifetime. Thank you for trusting me to provide you with simple strategies that can help you live without limits. Thank you for referring me to your colleagues and friends.

Thank you for inviting me into your spaces to help you stand in your power so you can live authentically and without apology. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to prepare you with practical tools for walking out into the world with confidence in your ability to protect yourself and manage your safety while doing what you love. Thank you for letting me share my passion for education, empowerment and exploring the world without limits!

Personal Recap

On the personal side of 2022, my year was full of with dreams fulfilled. I climbed Mt. Whitney in June, which was a bucket list item I've been looking forward to completing. I did my first section hike and earned my trail name, "Crusher". I am continuing my partnership with HOKA as a Global Advocate. I taught self-defense classes in Thailand and Rwanda with IMPACT Global. I went on my first safari while in Rwanda and met a tailor in the market place who makes kitenge clothes for me! I did my first Mud Run, made new friends and took several solo camping and hiking trips. I had the opportunity to hike and explore the US while traveling for work too.

I am looking towards a 2023 with optimism and hope. I know I'm making a difference in the world and that the work I'm doing is changing lives. I look forward to empowering even more communities, spreading my self-defense work to more industries, helping even more people enjoy the outdoors, and helping everyone live their lives confidently, safely, and freely. Together we can create a world free from racism, sexism, misogyny, homophobia, discrimination, and violence. We are worth fighting for!

Take up space! You belong!

You are Worth Fighting For!


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